Skin Redeemer


Combination of Essentials Oils designed to “redeem” damaged skin, due to all of their “Anti-Properties!”

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“Skin Renewer” (“Skin Redeemer!”) …an amazing combination of 7-essential oils(Lemon, Lavender, Patchouli, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Sage Clary, & Peppermint) known for their “Anti-Properties,” infused in pure Jojoba(which works with your natural PH). It’s good for many skin areas, but especially on Athlete’s Foot, or to clear up or prevent that ‘dry- cracked skin which can get red and infected in between the toes.’ The coolers seasons are especially bad, as we wear “closed-toe shoes” and that traps moisture, causing a Fungus to grow without us even realizing it. A drop a day, in between the toes, can make a huge difference. BUT, don’t limit it…it’s great for Acne-prone areas, and more. In a glass vial with a dropper as an applicator…it only takes a little. .5oz

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