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All Natural & Vegan, original Signa Scents™️  product, made with Organic ingredients. Salve to soothe aches. and much more!

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ORGANIC-based salve with all ingredients being Organic, except the soy. Signa Soothe™️ . ***AN ORIGINAL Signa Scents™️  PRODUCT!*** The Salve to soothe aches. Multipurpose and multi-therapeutic benefits, even associated with sports injuries. Made with Organic coconut oil, Organic palm oil, Organic jojoba oil, and Organic Argan oil, as well as unrefined Organic Shea butter (direct from Ghana, Africa), soy, Vitamin E, and 15~Organic essential oils. 2 oz. in tin. Natural “Salve” concentrated in Organic Vegetable & Essential Oils to soothe your muscles, tendons, bones & skin tissue after surgery. Used for Arthritis, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Restless leg syndrome, Sinus & Congestion and Chemotherapy Pain, Sunburn, Boils, Fever Blisters, & general skin healing.

Apply to aches. Great with heated pad. Feel the healing.

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