Luminere™️ Face & Body Cream ~ Atlantic Oceanic (Whipped Shea Butter – LARGE)


Raw Shea, whipped with Organic Olive Oil to make a creamy application wonderful for the FACE and the whole body! Now in the requested LARGE size!!

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Unrefined Organic Shea Butter, jojoba oil, whipped together with a bit of Organic Olive Oil, and you have an amazingly, smooth application of Shea with all of it’s healing qualities. This product is applicable to any part of the body, but especially user-friendly around the eyes & face, due to the “light & fluffy” quality of it…known for correcting fine line and damage already done, and preventing further damage from the outside elements. NON-COMEDOGENIC (will not clog the pores)! This one has “Fresh & Clean” scent! 4.3-4.5oz. Now, in the requested LARGE size!